Primary Program

Our Montessori Primary program (ages 3-6) focuses on building independence, supporting social, emotional, and intellectual development, and fostering a love of learning. The materials are designed to encourage repetition and self-correction, so children learn through their own exploration of a material, rather than from an adult telling them if they are correct. Head guides and assistants┬áprovide lessons in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, Biology, Art, Music, and Peace Studies, as well as giving them tools to manage their interactions with others and their emotions. Guides also observe and track each child’s progress, providing additional support or challenge as needed. During the work period, children work independently or in small groups, choosing work that interests them. Our work period also includes snack time and opportunities to work in our garden. Outside playtime occurs between the morning work period and lunch, with children having the option to go out again after rest time.

  • winter in the garden