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Montessori Philosophy

River Song School uses the Montessori Philosophy to help each unique child learn. We use the Scope and Sequence Assessment tool, constant observations, and evaluations to measure and enhance the learning of each child.

Along with many other aspects of Maria Montessori’s work, River Song School incorporates the three central themes of the Montessori Philosophy:

pink_goggles-programs2A Child Centered Environment: The focus of the school is each child’s individual learning path. The teachers or “guides” within the room work with each child’s unique learning styles and curiosity to ignite and support their learning. Children are free to explore within the environment. Interaction between children and the freedom to move are part of each day. An overarching sense of peace and respect help enhance this freedom. The materials in the classroom are inviting, and used to develop a strong interconnected academic experience during the most critical time a child’s brain development.

A Responsive Prepared Environment: Each classroom environment is carefully prepared to meet the needs, interests, abilities and development of the individual children of mixed ages in the class. Guides adapt and prepare the environment, both physically and with lessons, to be constantly responsive to the educational interests and needs of each child. The prepared environment serves as the “third teacher.”

A Focus of Individual Progress and Development: Within the environment, each child progresses at her or his own pace following their interests, abilities and needs. The materials and lessons promote a deep level of learning that builds throughout the year to create a high level of academic, social and global understanding. While each child can be viewed as a “universe of one,” the classroom community is equally as important and vital to the joy of learning and social development.

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