Art for Peace Global Curriculum

art-for-peace1River Song’s Peace Projects are a collaborative effort between River Song, the Community we work in, the teacher, families, and students – all of whom benefit from our partnership. The mission of River Song’s Peace project is to help children find peace and strength within, harmony with others, and beauty in diversity.  Our wish is to empower children to transform their challenging emotions and conflicts into healthy self-expression and peaceful co-creation.  For three years, I have been inspired through working with “The Missing Peace” project founded by the Dalai Lama. I believe positive change will come when peace is priority.  It is important to involve children during the formative years so that awareness of peace and simple kindness can be the platform on which to unfold innate talents and build their education.  It is an honor to help create this program. I believe this can impact humanity and help with all relationships.

Since the school’s inception in 2009, River Song has been involved in community art programs in which we promote this peace curriculum. Annually, we hold an Animal Spirit Art Show, when students engage in a celebration based on Native American knowledge about the ways of animals. The students learned the yoga pose for their chosen animal and were able to display through their art and movement expression the way that animal promotes peace. Last year, the children’s art was a collaboration with a community leader as well. The student’s expression of peace was depicted through their art and flowed from original and pure creativity. The intention was to deepen our understanding of our Mother Earth and all life as sacred. In addition to this annual art show, we have developed a Summer Fine Arts program in which students aged 5-9 partake in projects that display aspects of The Missing Peace as well and inspire global art. Learn more about our summer program, Exploring the World, Discovering Peace.

art-for-peace3The core of our program/project is built on the foundation that children are our future, and that art is our most universal means of communicating truths and emotions. Here are some of the things we are working on for the 2014-2015 school year; The Missing Peace, peace and art education, children learn peacemaking skills and the art of “being peace,” living in a less than peaceful world is the challenge that faces both children and adults alike, creating the climate of peace is essential to setting the stage for coping with conflict in peaceful ways.