Animal Spirit Art Show

Art is our most universal means of communicating basic truth and emotions. River Song School’s Animal Spirit Art Show celebrates the expression of peace through animal-inspired art and movement. Our children share their art work and yoga practice in downtown Bend as part of June’s First Friday Art Walk.

Art Show Partnerships

In cooperation with the Dalai Lama Foundation, River Song School held a showing of “The Missing Peace.” This program promotes children’s awareness about the goal of world peace expressed through art.

In 2014, in partnership with local artists and the Paul Scott gallery, our kindergarteners created collaborative animal spirit paintings with artists and leaders from the community. This was an amazing opportunity for our students, featured in My Window and Cascades Arts & Entertainment.

In an effort to share the healing power of art, River Song School and the Central Oregon Pediatric Association have joined forces. We are proud to announce that works from the 2014 Spirit Animal show are currently being showcased in the gallery space of the East Bend location of COPA.  The excitement generated from this partnership is only expected to grow as we continue to rotate new student artwork throughout the school year.  The addition of student art work within COPA’s lobby reflects their commitment to caring for the children in our community.

In addition to this annual art show, we have developed a Summer Fine Arts program in which students aged 5-9 partake in projects that display aspects of The Missing Peace as well and inspire global art. We are currently building partnerships with schools abroad to create an international, collaborative programs for teaching, expressing, and living peace through the universal language of art.

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